Accumulating and disseminating evidence from research and investigations is one of the missions of the UNESCO Chair at Osaka University. Currently, we are engaged in research on school health in Asian countries (the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, China, Korea, and Japan), in cooperation with the Japanese Consortium for Global School Health Research. We are also carrying out other exciting interdisciplinary research projects based on our guiding concept of a “social design for health.” These include joint research projects with UCL in the UK, comparative studies on the topics of mental health and comprehensive sexual education for high school students with WHO Kobe, as well as a research collaboration with the University of Oxford on the application of AI in healthcare. We seek partners to collaborate with us in research and intervention, both from institutes of higher education and others. We welcome inquires through the contact form.

Building a network of experts on school health in Asia

Examining the trend towards Health Promoting Schools

A study of the everyday lived experiences of disabled university students in London and Osaka

A joint-funded project between Osaka University and UCL